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Live Market Profile™ trading and live Market Profile™ education covering: E-mini S&P /Crude oil/ Gold /6E

  • Are you sick and tired being ripped off by charlatans claiming to teach Market Profile but instead showing you worthless indicators AND CHARGING YOU THOUSANDS FOR IT?
  • Have you been victim of marketing scammers disguised as trading mentors with only one objective:  get your money?
  • Are you sick of trading MENTORS calling after fact trades, or showing you wishful thinking trades on pre recorded charts?
  • Are you tired paying thousand of dollars for educational material worth nothing?
  • If your answer is yes, you should consider giving Profiletraders a try.


1. We do not have a hired marketing shark twisting your arms to join our service while using our free trial. After our free trial ONLY YOU will decide if we deserve your business based on merit and nothing else.

2.  Most mentors are failed traders turned into marketing sales sharks. They will sell you the moon but won’t be able to show you a single week of their trading record. Simply because they lose on a daily basis even paper trading. Therefore 95% of all educational websites do not post trading results. Or if they do they are trades you never see real time.

3. In contrast, we post the details of all our trades as well as the net gains or losses for that day. We are 100% TRANSPARENT and will never hide losing trades.

4. EVERY SINGLE of our trades is announced ahead of time with exact trade entry, Stop and target. We will not cheat you with after fact trades, pre recorded charts showing wishful thinking  trades and many other shims used out there.

5. We GUARANTEE to teach you the most in depth trading application of traditional Market Profile based on TPOs and not indicators. As you are aware the web is full of free information on Market Profile theory but very few know how to trade it. Our focus is to teach you master the trading faset of Market Profile.

6. EVERY SINGLE trade will be explained by Reza so you will understand the rational behind each trade and learn to duplicate them on your own.

7. In our virtual trading room you will be following live broadcasted Market Profile charts and will be gettingsuperior trading education . You will be asked questions and required to participate in educational discussions in order to sharpen your trading skills and knowledge.

8. As a member you have full and unlimited access to Reza through a private communication channel and will receive unlimited support. You questions will be answered by Reza and not a hired help. You will be getting a personal mentorship like no other.



After the first three months spent in our trading room you should be able to:

. Identify different open types and apply exact trading strategies accordingly

. Accurately anticipate the trading day types within  the first 15 minutes of the session and gain a valuable trading edge over other uninformed traders.

. Identify critical Market Profile support resistance levels from where to initiate trades

. Accurately read any Market Profile chart and be able to deliver a sound and professional analysis

. Master the Opening Range trade. When to go with break outs and when to fade the breaks out of the opening range.

. Master to position yourself in the direction of Range Extensions

. Master when to Fade Range Extensions

. Master Value area trading

. Master Point Of Control Trading

. Master Minus Development Trading

. Professionally use the information provided by the overnight session toward your day trading strategy

. Professionally trade Rotational markets

. Professionally trade Trending markets

. Apply superior money management method based on Market Profile

. Duplicate all Rezas Market Profile Trading Set Ups developed over many years of trading

We will provide you unlimited personal assistance until you become a proficient trader.


Step 1. Sign for a free 2 days trial at no cost and never be pressured to buy anything. During the trial evaluate the service and make sure we deliver all we promise.

Step 2. After your free trial if you think we suit your needs and deserve your business, join us as a lifetime member by paying a one time membership fee.

Step3 . Join our virtual trading room and start your trading journey with us. Mr. Reza Dilmaghani will personally be on your side at all time and will make sure you achieve  and exceed all your expectations towards becoming a professional trader.



Copying/Sharing/Reselling  of this material is strictly forbidden without our approval. We will take legal action against violators.Refunds are ONLY accepted prior to downloading the video presentationDisclaimer: Reza is NOT a securities adviser NOR in business to provide trading advisory service. Mr.Reza is a trading education provider and all his market and trading opinions are strictly for educational purpose and not meant to be duplicated by others. If you copy one of Mr. Reza’s personal trade and lose its at your own risk. Please read our risk disclosure carefully prior to signing up.______________________________________________________________________________________
Your log in information will be emailed to you as soon as your payment is processed by Paypal and our staff. We reserve the right to cancel individual membership at our discretion if a violation is committed.We accept membership cancellation within the first 24 hours of your membership if you have not already downloaded our educational material sent to you.

Gold and crude are extremely volatile instruments. It is mandatory to always have a catastrophic stop of 4 points in place for gold and 50 ticks in crude in order to protect your account in case of an extraordinary event. It is your responsibility to place the stops no matter what.

Each point in gold is equal to $100.00 and each tick $10. Each point in crude is $1000 and each tick $10.00. Therefore the gains/losses will be substantially wider than ES. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure your account size is adequate to trade gold and crude as well as your risk tolerance is suitable to trade Gold and crude.

At all time you are the only one responsible to manage your contract size as well your risk.

At no point you will hold Mr. Reza Dilmaghani or Profiletraders responsible for personal losses trading gold and/or crude. Trading has risks involved and the use of leverage can go through your capital real fast.

I reserve the right to trade any instrument other than crude and gold if market conditions changes. If I do so the terms and conditions listed here will remain the same.

I highly recommend to set yourself a dollar amount of losses on a daily basis and if reached you automatically stop trading for that day.

There will be time i will scale in but you must acknowledge scaling in will carry more risk. If you do not feel comfortable you MUST not take the trade.

If you log into the room I assume you accept the above terms.