Market Profile Level Based Trading

Date: March 15th

Hours: 9:30 A.M- 12:30 P.M. E.T

Location: Our Regular Trading Room

Objective: The intent of this workshop is to teach traders identify important price levels to trade from. Like in real estate all locations are not equal; some are prime and others less. Same thing is valid with financial markets. Not all price levels are equal. Picking the right price level to conduct business from will make a huge difference in your trading results.

After finishing this workshop, you should become efficient is analyzing any Market Profile chart and be able to identify the best trade locations to intiate trades from.

Works for futures, currencies and stocks

Format:  Internet Based Workshop. Video, Manual provided to each participant


  • Identification of all legitimate Market Profile price levels
  • Major level vs. minor level
  • Criteria in selecting a level
  • Volume based level
  • How to plan the day
  • Selecting level based entry, stop and targets
  • Real vs. fake break of selected levels
  • Know when to fight for your position
  • Various methods of entering the market once you have selected a level
  • Contingency plans in case you select the wrong level

Q&A session at the end of the webinar

Moderator: Reza Dilmaghani

Contact E-mail:

Registration deadline : March 13th 


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