My trading method and teaching are based on Market Profile strategies that I’ve developed over many years of trading various markets. I do not use any moving averages, oscillators or bands to back my trading decisions, nor do I combine them with Market Profile trading and teaching. Furthermore, I don’t use or teach any of the preset Market Profile trading rules circulating for
free over the Internet. Rather, I trade my own method.

I teach traders to develop a keen market understanding with the help of Market Profile; this enables them to trade profitably in a wide variety of market conditions. Markets are living entities in constant change–and the key to trading survival is to learn to recognize change and adapt. If you use rigid, systematic trading rules, blindly applied to all market conditions, you will not survive as trader. Market Profile is not a trading system and should not be used as such. It is a magnificent tool allowing
traders to look at market information in a different format and obtain an edge while trading.

I spend from 9:15 AM to 4:15 PM (ET) Monday through Friday in my trading room, executing trades and teaching Market Profile to members. Each trade is discussed and explained ahead of time using live charts displayed in the room. Orders are placed ahead of time with fixed stops and targets. On the average, five trades a day may be initiated, with less trades taken on days that present fewer opportunities. The goal of my trading room is to make sure members learn Market Profile and, most importantly, how to use it in their day trading.