New Generation Market Profile Trading

Level: Beginner – Intermediary – Advance
Duration: 6:30 Hours video presentation
Format: 2 Videos + 20 pages manual download

Description – This is Reza Dilmaghani’s proprietary trading method. It’s an absolutely innovative, ingenious, organic method of trading. It consists of a revolutionary method of charting the markets. One, a charting method which is independent of time and purely plotted based on supply and demand balance. There is no session setting, no time frame, only continuous flow of supply and demand elegantly plotted on our chart. Two, a complete series of principles conceived to guide the trader read the charts and execute identified trade set ups. Thus far the response to this new generation approach to markets and trading has been phenomenal and people using it are extremely pleased.
When I started teach Market Profile in 2007 they were only few genuine service providers teaching the concept to the public. In 2012 you have hundreds. The basic elements of MP such as value areas, POC…. Are now widely used and one day may lose their edge.
In order to stay ahead of the game, I have developed a simple yet very powerful next generation trading method and charts based on organic price action, POC, volume, price acceptance/rejection, order flow and few other things I will cover during the workshop.


. Learn identify deadly accurate support resistance levels for any instruments within seconds using new generation charts. All support resistance levels will be based on Market development and not human interpretation.

. Locate shift of power between buyers and sellers and get automatic and specific entry points to take advantage of it. You will never have to guess again with next generation charts.

. Accurately locate areas of congestion and be able to tell if the congestion is accumulation or distribution. If accumulation, you will be able to position yourself before the break up and if distribution you can sell short before the break down.

.Practice superior money management purely based of price action and not human interpretation. Let the charts be your guide.

. Manage trending markets like never before. Amazing new method.

. Learn to count swings and use the counts to obtain a great trading edge. All swings and swing counts will be automatically provided by the new charts.

. Accurately interpret the location of VPOC (Volume Point of Control) to evaluate the strength or weakness of price at time.

. Learn the POC weight lifting method to select high probability trade locations and price selection.

. Read, interpret, time your entry based on volume and volume point of control

. Get all valuable chart settings for Es, Gold and Crude.

Learning from this workshop can be applied to any instruments including Forex market.

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Refunds: Only accepted prior to receiving the educational material

Distribution/Resell/ Copying/Sharing/Reselling of this material is strictly forbidden without our approval. We will take legal action against violators.
Disclaimer: Reza is NOT a securities adviser NOR in business to provide trading advisory service. Reza is a trading education provider and all his market and trading opinions are strictly for educational purpose and not meant to be duplicated by others. If you copy one of Reza’s personal trade and lose its at your own risk. Please read our risk disclosure carefully prior to signing up.


I took the workshop “new generation of market profile” couple weeks ago.It is an excellent course and i think this new concept about market profile is brilliant.I was making money with it and i am making money with it as well.Any one wants to make money by day trading gold crude and ES should take this course and i am sure you will look at the markets in total different way. Reza did a great job on this way!!!!!!!!!!!
Fey K

I’ve been studying and learning how to trade in the markets for several years now and one thing that I’ve learned is that you have to be careful about who and what you choose as a knowledge base. In my recent search, I came across Profiletraders.com and Reza. I took the trial offer and just listened to what he had to say, and watched he presented, and whether or not it worked consistently. One thing that was immediately apparent was that the trial was in the actual trading room with regular members and a few other trial members. Other trials that I have taken put all the trial members in the same room and spent most of the time talking about why you should buy their system; no trades called before they were taken or if they were, no explanation as to why the trade was taken. It was always the “When you buy the course all that will be explained” approach. In contrast, Reza called out trades and would sometimes tell us why he called the specific trade, and sometimes he would ask the room if they knew why, or where the target for the trade should be. The people in the room were knowledgeable, courteous, and in this trade room, you truly to learn while you earn. After three days, I was immediately convinced that this was where I wanted to be; it didn’t take a week for me to become a member. I began to learn true market profile trading, and it cleared up some of the fog I had always felt was there when it came to trading, because now I understood that buying and selling is based on VALUE! The reason I said “some of the fog” is because I had always noticed a very specific change in the personality of the ES, which I had studied and traded. I would sometimes have a great month, then turn around and have an absolutely horrible month. Through Reza, I learned that it is because of the computers/bots that trade on the ES! That was the other part of the fog; it explained why I could do the same thing and have drastically different results. I asked about this in the room, and Reza not only explained it, but pointed it out on the charts he uses in the room, as it was happening! With Profiletraders.com, you will learn not to trade, but to become an analyst of the markets. If you become a good analyst, you will be an excellent trader because you will know the reasons why you take a trade, and that means confidence. If you’ve ever been beat up in the markets, you know that confidence is key, and you can’t be confident if you don’t know why you are pulling the trigger.
I took the class for the Next Generation Market Profile trading because I had become so impressed with what I had learned from Reza already in with market profile. I’ve come to have a level of trust in him as a teacher/mentor. He has demonstrated integrity and his pricing for the knowledge I have received is better than anything I have found in many years. (I don’t know about other traders, but for me, the teacher is as important as the teaching.) What Reza has done with the next level of trading knowledge makes it so much more objective to pinpoint levels and entries. It truly makes it a “yes” or “no” approach in recognizing where the entry and exits are, and following the rules when price hits those levels. And when price gets to those levels, he has a method for pinpointing the entry, so you don’t just place an order because price gets to a certain point, and it all works together with the market profile method. In my opinion, Next Generation Market Profile is the “fine tooth comb” necessary for pinpointing trades with confidence.
Bill A

Been trading independently since 2007, market profile has been the effective foundation. Lately it has lost some of it’s edge. Reza’s next generation market profile charting methods have proven to be far superior with regards to quickly identifying key S&R levels, entries/exits, and staying out of the noise, while keeping your positions on the right side of the trend. Beyond that, which is invaluable, he is an excellent instructor that trades what he teaches. Thank You!
Kris P.

The precision of Reza’s calls are amazing. He literally pins the levels to within ticks, even on extreme moves whereas with other strategies you would be left guessing to determine where it would end. The new proprietary charting techniques and strategies he developed leave you exact placement on where and when to enter, and where to place targets/stops. The percentage of winning trades from these newly developed strategies are far greater than previous strategies I have encountered. You will certainly not find these methods from other sources or reading books. From your quick scalper to long term position trader, you will benefit greatly from these new concepts. I personally have gained considerably since deploying them within my own trading.
Bret H.

I took Reza’s next generation Market Profile course!
In my 8 years as a day trader I have studied and actively use over 20 different approaches . I use Market Profile in its traditional role to determine fair value and balance etc. Since the complete and exponential shift of day trading participants to over 80% trading robots, concepts like fair value are often suspect during these crazy and unusual times. The good news, the high frequency trading (HFT) robots must use expected algorithms, regression to the mean, etc., which keep fair value theoretically intact. It seems however today’s day trader is often confronting a less systematic and less patterned market as a result of this HFT revolution. As a result many of us have shifted to things like cumulative delta; order flow ice bergs alerts etc. in an effort to win back that “old edge”.
Reza has been doing his homework along these lines, day in and day out in the day-trading trenches, studying and analyzing between the slings and arrows. The fruits of his endeavors will not disappoint as it takes the concepts of Market Profile and steps them up into a greater dynamic which elucidate the actual progressions of the market, minute by minute using a power not found in a more static Market Profile approach. We now have a special software application that makes an insightful interpretation of an order volume parsing in a new and fantastic manner. In addition to this Reza adds in a pure price action component making this system unparalleled.
I am a better trader as a result of having this knowledge and software. My sincere thanks and gratitude go out to Reza.
JD, Los Angeles,CA

In a time of global uncertainty and a possible economic catastrophe, the market is one of the only recession-proof professions that has proven to survive the times. With so many snake oil salesman trying to sell you a full- proof winning indicator or a system that will guarantee double digit gains, it is hard to know who to believe without blowing your account out in the process.
After two years of searching in all the wrong directions, I came across www.profiletrades.com and decided to give it a try for the main reason the site had so many testimonials. Several other trading sites claim to offer the Holy Grail with no third party verification.
I have to say that my time with Reza has drastically improved my understanding of the market. His New Generation Market Profile Bootcamp has made me a better trader. When these other trading rooms tell you they are in the market after the fact or show you recorded videos of them making winning trades from a simulated account, it’s hard to learn how to manage your position and learn real facts such as that emotions play a big part on whether one is successful or not.
Reza’s site is the only one I have come across where he calls his trades prior to entry and posts his dome live in the trading room so you can learn how to manage your position from entry to exit. Plus, you can make real money during the learning process. He is dedicated to teaching all his students what it takes to be successful and showing you how it is done with his own account on the line.
I highly recommend the New Generation Market Profile Boot Camp and Reza’s Live Trading Room to anyone who has a desire to be a success in the market. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.
Stephen S., New Orleans, LA (and Brazil)

Gold and crude are extremely volatile instruments. It is mandatory to always have a catastrophic stop of 4 points in place for gold and 50 ticks in crude in order to protect your account in case of an extraordinary event. It is your responsibility to place the stops no matter what.
Each point in gold is equal to $100.00 and each tick $10. Each point in crude is $1000 and each tick $10.00. Therefore the gains/losses will be substantially wider than ES. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure your account size is adequate to trade gold and crude as well as your risk tolerance is suitable to trade Gold and crude.
At all time you are the only one responsible to manage your contract size as well your risk.
At no point you will hold Reza Dilmaghani or Profiletraders responsible for personal losses trading gold and/or crude. Trading has risks involved and the use of leverage can go through your capital real fast.
I reserve the right to trade any instrument other than crude and gold if market conditions changes. If I do so the terms and conditions listed here will remain the same.
I highly recommend to set yourself a dollar amount of losses on a daily basis and if reached you automatically stop trading for that day.
There will be time i will scale in but you must acknowledge scaling in will carry more risk.
If you log into the room I assume you accept the above terms.

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Format: Video + Manual Download

Description: This is Reza Dilmaghani’s proprietary trading method based on supply and demand, Volume profile, price action and market behavior. This method is the fruit of 6 years of research and development. We think this method of trading is ingenious, next generation and totally unique. Once you learn use our New Generation trading method and charts you will be blown away. The content of this program can be applied to ANY market (Futures, Forex, Stocks, Bonds…). Highly recommended!

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