Supply and Demand Trading Through Swings

Level: Beginner – Intermediary – Advance
Duration: 1:56 hours video presentation
Format: Video + 13 pages manual download

Description – This course is worth thousands of dollar based on analytical information it contains. You will be enlightened with what you will learn and will use it every day to make great trading decisions. This program tackles various aspects of supply and demand reflected through price.
At the end of this course you should:
Become efficient reading markets price action.
Be able to recognize areas with the highest probability of success to initiate trades from.
Be able to better identify profit areas and not cut your trades too early.
Be aware of market direction and trade in harmony with it. However you will also learn to anticipate change of direction and take trading advantage of it.
Be able to work efficiently with swing retracement and extension ratio.

* Definition of Pivot Point. What is a pivot point, how to recognize one
* Definition of Swing. What is a swing, how to draw or measure the right swing
* Trend Direction and Change of Trend. Learn the correct method identifying trend changes
* Pullbacks. Not all pull backs are the same. Learn read pull backs and anticipate price reactions
* Swing Patterns (Covering a Total of 4 very important patterns). Vital to know this!
* Standard Retracement Ratios and implications

*Extension Ratios
*Complete Retracement Theory
* Swing Action (Covering a Total of 8 very important principles)

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Format: Video + Manual Download

Description: In every market price moves up or down based on the interaction between supply and demand. If you do not know how to analyze, understand and interpret the fighting forces of supply and demand, you will never be a successful trader. This course will teach you dissect the supply and demand balance, understand at all-time which side is in control and be prepared to respond. Once you learn this course your knowledge of price action will increase significantly and trading results should also improve drastically.

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