Risk Disclosure

Trading the futures market is extremely risky. Individuals and institutions can lose the totality of there capital plus more. Profile Traders.com and its staff are not responsible in any shape or form for trading losses endured using our educational based trade suggestions. We will always do our very best to express our opinions on various markets using Market Profile but due to the nature of financial markets we can not predict nor guarantee results. We highly recommend anybody wanting to invest in the futures markets to visit the following website and carefully read the PDF document covering risks involved trading futures contracts: http://www.nfa.futures.org/compliance/sfp_disclosure.pdf

Gold and crude are extremely volatile instruments. It is mandatory to always have a catastrophic stop of 4 points in place for gold and 50 ticks in crude in order to protect your account in case of an extraordinary event. It is your responsibility to place the stops no matter what. Each point in gold is equal to $100.00 and each tick $10. Each point in crude is $1000 and each tick $10.00. Therefore the gains/losses will be substantially wider than ES. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure your account size is adequate to trade gold and crude as well as your risk tolerance is suitable to trade Gold and crude. At all time you are the only one responsible to manage your contract size as well your risk. At no point you will hold Reza Dilmaghani or Profiletraders responsible for personal losses trading gold and/or crude. Trading has risks involved and the use of leverage can go through your capital real fast. I reserve the right to trade any instrument other than crude and gold if market conditions changes. If I do so the terms and conditions listed here will remain the same. I highly recommend to set yourself a dollar amount of losses on a daily basis and if reached you automatically stop trading for that day. There will be time i will scale in but you must acknowledge scaling in will carry more risk. If you log into the room I assume you accept the above terms.


Reza is NOT a securities adviser NOR in business to provide trading advisory service. Reza is a trading education provider and all his market and trading opinions are strictly for educational purpose and not meant to be duplicated by others. If you copy one of Reza’s personal trade and lose its at your own risk. Please read our risk disclosure carefully prior to signing up. Past performance is NOT a reflection of future success. These performance numbers are by no mean to insight people to sign for our services but rather results of past trade ideas based on our education materials.