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Price & Swing Trading Method



Over the years I have developed a method of trading purely based on price action and market swing. It allows objective analysis of any market with ease, accuracy and clarity. No more guessing, doubts or anticipations. Just follow pure price action dictated by the market.

With this unique method, you will learn when market trend is shifting from up to down, where to look for accurate support resistance levels, where to initiate trades and place protective stop losses. In addition you will be able to distinguish between reversal  versus continuation swings and how to trade them. You will also be able to identify accurate targets for your trades and remain within your wining trades for a long lasting run using a unique trade management.


A. Construction of the chart

B. Various styles of swing legs

1. Retracement swing legs

2.   Reversal swing legs

3.   Continuation swing leg

C. Identification of detailed and accurate support resistance levels

D.  Learn when to buy/sell retracements,

E. Learn when to buy/sell breakouts

F. Method of entry

G. Stop placement strategy

H. Identifying trade targets

I. Managing the trade



. The webinar will be recorded an a video download copy provided to attendees

. Applicable to: Futures, Forex, Stocks,

. Date: Nov 1st 2018

. Time: 3 p.m E.T

. Duration: 2 hours

. Price: $95.00

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